Do Yorkies Shed? Yorkshire Terrier Shedding Explained

Yorkshire terrier shedding explained

Are you confused, “do Yorkshire terriers shed or not?” Or are you wondering, “how much do Yorkies shed?”  

Probably, a cute Yorkie puppy has won your heart, and you desperately want to bring that adorable puppy to your home. Yet, one thing that bothers you is shedding.

You don’t need to worry about it. We’ll give you a complete guide on Yorkies shedding in this write-up. For a moment be relieved that Yorkies don’t shed a lot except in extraordinary circumstances. 

To know when and why, just spare a little time to look at this well-researched article; shortly, you’ll make your decision to have a Yorkie as your pet by choosing the right coat color. Here we come.  


Yorkies Coats Types, Colors and Shedding Levels 

Several dog breeds contain double coats that help them stay warm in winters and cool them in summers. Yet, Yorkshire terriers differ from other dogs. Yorkie coat has a single layer containing long, glossy, and silky hairs like humans. 

Yorkie coat colors vary depending upon their genes, and the shedding visibility also depends a lot on these. According to Yorkie’s coat colors, the Yorkies types are explained below.

1- Black & Tan 

Black & Tan Yorkie is the most popular and common dog breed. When you see a Black and Tan Yorkshire as a pup, it might be all black. But after growing, the black and tan Yorkie can be distinguished quickly because of their prominent patches of tan and black on their hair coat. 

Most dog breeds lose their matte black color after mutation. If your dog still has black color, even being mature, your dog may lack the grey genes. The grey genes fade the black color of dogs and give them a light grayish color that matches their skin. 

You might have heard that the black & tan dog breed shed more. But it’s not true. Because of their dark coat color, you may see more hairs than lighter complexions. 

2- Blue & Tan 

yorkies shedding

The Blue and Tan Yorkie may be the variant of the black and tan dog breed. When you see the dog of the blue and tan breed, you’ll see that the puppy is reflecting the whole black pigment. During the growth stage, this black pigment can be faded out into blue with the help of grey genes. 

Blue and tan dogs only contain single grey genes that help them enhance their blue color. The blue and tan Yorkie has a dark stain on the tail compared to the whole body. 

If you’re thinking of having a Yorkie doggie, look at the pup’s parents to know whether or not it’ll change its pigmentation. 

Blue & tan dogs are also moderate shedders. They only shed when they complete their growth cycle.  

3- Black & Gold 

The Black & Gold Yorkie coat contains graying genes that provide the color change in your dog. The Black & Gold terrier may resemble the Black and Tan dog breed, but the tan areas become lighter in Black and Gold due to graying genes. 

The graying genes lighten both black and tan color, but the tan pigment looks lighter and reflects a golden complexion. 

Black & Gold Yorkies are very low shedders because the gold hairs are hard to see on light theme residences. 

4- Chocolate Brown Coat

The chocolate brown Yorkie is the whole brown dog breed. They contain single recessive genes named b alleles. The brown Yorkshire terrier’s coat may resemble the tan Yorkshire breed. It is also said that when a black Yorkie has genes that fade their pigmentation; they give rise to a chocolate brown hair coat Yorkie. 

Therefore, while getting a chocolate brown Yorkie, take care the breed is pure, or it’s crossed with another dog’s DNA. 

Chocolate brown Yorkie shed their hair inside long hairs after completing the hair growth phase. Yet this hair can be quite visible on surfaces to make you worry about your dog’s shedding. So, don’t be over-concerned.

5- Blue & Gold 

do yorkies shed

Like the other dark dog breeds, Blue and Gold Yorkshire terrier can also be found all black as a pup. The Blue & Tan Yorkies contain two graying genes that lead to color fading. 

Fortunately, the Blue & Gold color dogs have shiny and shimmery hairs that look more adorable in the sunshine. It is also noted that they show minimal shedding but are noticeable owing to a darker color. Again, it’s not worrisome.

6- All Black 

It is a myth that a truly Black Yorkie is purebred. It’s not true. All the Yorkies fade their color as they become adults. If you want a whole black Yorkshire terrier, you can purchase a crossed dog. The crossed dogs are also friendly and can be your promising partner. 

Unfortunately, all-black Yorkie is considered excessive shedders because their dark hairs can be easily visible on the couch.

7- Parti Coat 

The Parti coat Yorkie is the rarest and most expensive dog. It possesses a blue, tan, and white complexion in its hair coat. When both parents contain recessive piebald genes, they give birth to a purebred Parti coat Yorkshire terrier. 

Part coat Yorkshire is a moderate shedding dog depending on the hair development cycle. Yet, they’re not as noticeable and you remain peaceful during your dog’s shedding seasons. 

8- Golden Coat 

You may have heard that it is impossible to find a single-colored Yorkie’s coat. But that’s not true. A plenty of Yorkshire Terrier possess only one shade in their hair coat. The Golden coat Yorkies are also black & tan after birth. 

Their dark shades start fading in a few months of growth. You may think that they may contain dark shades in specific areas even after maturation. Golden Yorkie is known as the least coat shedders because of their light complexion.

9- Blue Coat 

The Bluecoat Yorkies have an adorable and glossy appearance, so you may want to adopt them as your pet. Regardless, we’ll not recommend you to keep a Blue hair coat Yorkie as your companion. 

This is because the Bluecoat Yorkshire is an unfortunate color combination. The Blue Yorkies may die within the year or give rise to many disorders like abnormal shedding in their surviving cycle. 

10- Red-legged Yorkie 

The Red-legged Yorkies are also known as the Red and Black coat Yorkshire terrier. these Yorkies are hard to find scarce dog breed. The Red-legged breed comes in minimum shedding dog. 

You might like this extraordinary dog breed, but you should check out whether you’re buying a purebred.  

How Much Do Yourkshire Terriers Shed?

In shedding season, Yorkshire dogs don’t shed like other dog breeds. Yorkies are recognized as very delicate shedder. Because Yorkshire terriers rarely shed their puppy coat, the whole year to grow new hair coats. 

Yorkies have a complete cycle of shedding and developing hair. They’re single-coated and contain hairs like human hair instead of fur. Therefore, they don’t have to eliminate the underneath puppy coat. 

According to the common belief Yorkshire terriers have a prolonged hair growth cycle; that’s why they have long and silky hairs. When the follicle of Yorkie reaches the ultimate level of development, their hair sheds inside the long hair coat. 

So, a Yorkie doesn’t bother you with their hair. You can only find their hair when you brush your dog. 

Why Some Yorkies Shed more? 

As we know, Yorkies don’t show excessive shedding. So, some specific reasons may develop Yorkie shedding. Let’s jump in and find out the leading causes of Yorkie shedding.

1. Poor Diet

Malnutrition or poor diet is the most common reason which leads to unusual shedding in dogs. A Yorkie needs a diet that contains all the essential ingredients, such as vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, etc. 

Unfortunately, the dog food available in marts lacks the balance of nutrients, which gives rise to excessive Yorkie shedding and other health problems. 

Therefore, if you think of having a dog as your pet, check all the components before buying dog food products. 

2. Inflammation

Fungal infections are the most fatal and usually ignored cause of shedding. Yorkshire can get ailments from various aspects, like poisoned objects, affected creatures, etc. The fungal inflammation is harmful to both the owner and the dog. 

The inflamed pet may spread the infection all over your house. It’ll be best to treat it before it becomes disastrous. 

  1. Stress

3. Stress

Another common cause that gives rise to abnormal shedding in Yorkies is stress. The emotional distress can be separation anxiety, boredom, etc. When Yorkie feels alone, there is a possibility that they may start licking and biting their skin. 

The continuous licking leads to a fateful plague known as Neurogenic Dermatitis. If you leave your Yorkie untreated for a long time, it transfers to the hair follicles deep inside the skin. In this condition, your dog may lead to losing hair. 

4. Pregnancy

When we talk about shedding in the female Yorkie, it may be because of her pregnancy. In pregnancy, the Yorkies shed their hair because of hormonal changes. Therefore, before worrying about abnormal shedding, bring your Yorkie to a vet for a pregnancy test. After the birth of pups, this uncommon shedding may cease by itself. 

5. Allergies

Skin allergies are the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about unnatural shedding in dogs. Yorkshire terrier’s coat can face various allergic reactions like allergies to a new food, environmental changes, etc. 

The allergies can lead to shedding because of continuous itching and skin irritation. You can fix skin allergies by changing your dog’s routine.  

6. Parasites

Parasites are also a widespread cause of odd shedding in Yorkie puppies. Different parasites spread severe irritation on Yorkshire Terriers’ skin. These parasites include flea, mange, ear mites, ticks, etc. 

Parasitic disorders lead to excessive shedding and many other skin problems. Therefore, it should be ministered to before it becomes deadly. 

  1. Medical Condition

7. Medical Condtions

When you don’t find any apparent cause of shedding in the Yorkie, bring your dog to the veterinarian for a detailed medical checkup. Medical conditions, such as kidney diseases, cancer, and liver disorders, also lead to excessive shedding. 

The Yorkie may lack essential nutrients due to body weakness, which further gives rise to hair loss. Therefore, it would be best to treat all the illnesses on time. 

8. Lack of Grooming

Lack of grooming is the significant factor that may lead to unusual shedding in Yorkies. The Yorkshire Terrier has long glossy dog hair that needs to be brushed daily. If you don’t brush Yorkies’ hair every day, they may become tangled and frizzy. 

So, when you scrub their dead hair, they’ll shed excessively. Therefore, proper grooming is mandatory for every dog breed. 

How can you Prevent Yorkies’ Shedding? 

Usually, Yorkies show minor hair loss. Though, if Yorkshire is showing excessive shedding, take steps to restrict shedding. Yorkie owner has given the finest tips and tricks to cease the unusual hair loss in Yorkie and many other dog breeds. 

Therefore, let’s go further and explore the best tricks to tackle unnatural shedding in dogs. 

1. Nutrition Rich Diet 

Diet is a significant factor in making most dogs healthy. Yorkie needs essential nutrients to keep their body working correctly. It’ll help if you give a nutrition-rich diet to your dog’s fur coat. Good quality food decreases the risk of dog hair loss. A Yorkie needs all the vital ingredients to keep all metabolic systems balanced. These nutrients are 

  • Omega 3 fatty acids. 
  • Omega 6 fatty acids 
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B7
  • Healthy fats, e.g. coming from olive oil.

And many other nutrients. These fundamental nutrients will make Yorkie’s hair and skin more healthy. 

1. Maintaining healthy skin

Maintaining healthy skin plays a crucial role in controlling abnormal shedding of Yorkie hair longer coat. The parasites can make your dog’s skin irritated and damaged. 

Parasites will lead to the shedding of dogs’ silky coats. It is compulsory to identify the species of parasite for better treatment. You should call the vet for an excellent decision. The medication may be oral for getting rid of parasites. 

When you maintain the healthy skin of your Yorkie, it’ll make the Yorkie hair follicle strong, improve the Yorkie coat health and cease the excessive shedding.  

3. Brushing 

As you know, Yorkies have long and silky hair. Thus, their hair needs the usual brushing. If you ignore your Yorkie and don’t give them proper hair care, they will move to continuous hair loss. So, it would help if you brushed your Yorkshire hair every day. 

Daily brushing will make Yorkie’s hair more presentable and also remove the debris from the skin. Brushing will also increase the blood flow and spread natural oils all over the body. 

4. Bathing

No doubt, bathing is compulsory for every dog. But frequent bathing may also not suit some dog breeds and single coat Yorkies don’t need to bathe daily. 

It’ll help if you wash your Yorkie once a month. In summer, the bathing frequency may increase to thrice a month. 

And, it would be best to take care of their skin while bathing them because regular bathing will remove all the natural oils to stop the dog’s coat growth and make your Yorkies’ skin dry. So, bath your dog to make them clean and control shedding. 

5. Shampooing

Choosing shampoo for Yorkie is also a big task for you. The harsh chemicals in shampoo willl damage Yorkshire’s skin and also lead to hair loss. So, select an organic shampoo made up of natural ingredients. The organic shampoo will add more shine to the glossy hairs of Yorkie and also take care of your dog’s skin. 

6. Trimming

Trimming is a tip that almost all dog owners share. Trimming Yorkies’ lengthy hairs to short and bouncy will help you to restrict hair coat shedding. Short hairs will be easy to handle for you and Yorkie as well. 

You can also give an easy hair care routine to bouncy coats of your pup. The best thing for trimming is that you don’t need to be professional for a haircut; you need to know basic tactics for a puppy cut. 

7. Exercise

Exercises and physical activities are cures for many disorders inculding stress which can mak eyour Yorkie shed abnormally. Regular exercise will make your Yorkie fit physically as well as mentally. it’ll also help your pup to get rid of separation anxiety. 

The workout will improve blood circulation, produce natural oils and make Yorkies coats healthier. Exercise will also prevent your dog from fatal parasites and inflammation. 

8. Grooming 

Grooming is the most important and last step of preventing your puppy from unnecessary shedding. Grooming includes many steps as 

  • Scrubbing
  • Brushing
  • Trimming
  • Clipping hairs 

And many more important steps. Some dog owners recommend only a short haircut for Yorkies to groom them. Cutting a puppy’s hair on your own will also help to reduce the shedding rate, but a professional groomer can do better grooming for your dog. 

You should bring your dog at least once a month for grooming. it’ll enhance your Yorkies’ appearance and make them more comfortable. Grooming is also said to be a fresh start for dogs.   

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic dogs? 

You might think about if a Yorkie is hypoallergenic? Let me tell you. 

Yorkie is a renowned breed known for being hypoallergenic dogs. However, in some conditions, Yorkies may cause an allergic reaction because of their saliva and dander. 

Yorkies shed their adult coat very little; that’s why they can be your first choice. If you have any allergy to dog fur, Yorkie will be the best selection because even during hair loss, you will never see the dog’s hair on the couch or bed. 

Therefore, you can easily remove excessive hair by brushing your pet.   

Final Thoughts

Presently, you have a comprehensive directory on whether Yorkies shed or not. Therefore, you can bring your favorite pup to your home without worrying about “do Yorkies shed?”. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.