Do Dobermans Shed? Doberman Shedding Guide Explains it…

It's about a balck doberman to explain do dobermans shed

Do such questions pop up in your mind, do Dobermans shed? Or how much do Dobermans Shed? Possibly, you gave your heart to an adorable little Doberman’s pup and can’t wait to bring them home. 

But the only thing you’re worried about is shedding. Don’t worry! We’ll give you a complete guide on Doberman hair shedding and its management in this article. 

Just spare a few minutes to glance at this well-researched article; promptly, you’ll get to know your answer. Here we go. 


Understand Doberman’s Coat Colors to Determine Doberman Shedding Level 

Doberman is a single-coated dog breed. Therefore, they show low shedding. They come in various coat colors. The coat’s color is based on two specific genes; 

  • Black gene
  • Color dilution gene

These genes lead to the color combinations of dogs. A few well-known color combinations are. And these colors either make shedding spottable, e.g. black, blue or white Dobermans.

1- Black & Rust Doberman Pinschers Shed the Least.

Black & rust, also known as black & tan, is the most common breed of Dobermans. It’s also known as the signature color of the Doberman dog breed. 

The Black & Tan color is in Doberman’s coat because the dog breed may not possess dilution genes. This breed shows from no to a meager amount of shedding

2- Red & Rust Dobermans Shed Low.

After Black & Rust color breed, red & rust is the most common Doberman’s breed ever seen. In red & rust Doberman, neither black genes nor dilution genes dominate. 

Therefore, it gives rise to a chocolate brown color. These Doberman have Red & Rust color combinations that are proven to be more friendly. Black & rust Doberman pinschers shed considerably very low. 

3- Yes, Blue & Rust do Shed. 

The Doberman’s coat, which contains a combination of black and dilution genes, gives rise to a grayish color. It also seems bluish sometimes. That’s why they’re called blue & rust Doberman. 

This breed is the most beautiful and scarce Doberman breed. They may show moderate shedding because of color dilution alopecia, which can be uncommon among other colors of Dobermans. 

4- Fawn & Rust Dobermans Don’t Shed a Lot.

The lightest coat of Doberman is fawn & rust shade. It is also known as the Isabella & Rust color dog breed. This breed of Dobie may comprise dilution recessive genes like blue & rust variants. 

Doberman with this shade looks browner and has tan linings on significant areas like ears, eyebrows, etc. Fawn & rust Dobermans shed mildly depending on the situation. 

5- All Black may Have Excessive Hair Shedding.

Another rarely found Doberman also contains matte black pigment all over the dog’s skin. You may also have heard that the species with matte-black dog hair are extraordinary because they are judged immoral to breed. 

The Dobie with this color combination of dog hair may face more skin problems, i.e., excessive shedding. The all-black Doberman is also known as “melanistic Doberman.”  

You may also see many dog sellers claiming that they’re selling the pure breeds of solid-black Dobies, but it can be an obvious lie. They breed them for the sake of profit. It’s why you get a Dobie from breeders. You may clench yourself in multiple pup health dilemmas. 

6- White Dobermans Can be Prone to Excessive Shedding.

The white Dobie is the distinct breed found in the entire world. This generation may be born because of inbreeding. The Doberman breed, which contains all white hair coats, may suffer many health issues. 

You may notice unusual dog shedding because of various skin issues. Hence, avoiding a white Doberman can be a best decision. When you have a White Doberman, it’ll also bring behavioral issues with fitness issues. 

7- Albinos Don’t Shed Dog Hair at All, but are Hard to Find.

Albino is a type of Doberman that contains no pigmentation. You may confuse Albino with white dobies, but these are two different breeds. Albino also lacks the significant genes that produce pigments in one’s body. 

The white dobies probably have blue eyes, but albino don’t give rise to blue eyes because of lack of pigmentation. You may also have heard a myth that no albino exists, but many dog owners publicize their albino. 

You may never see these dogs shed in any season.

Doberman’s Shedding Density

Doberman is a moderate shedding dog, being a single-coat breed. Shedding is a natural process for the growth of a new hair coat. But sometimes, your dog may show abnormal shedding. 

According to responses to a poll created by

  • 57% of dog owners said Doberman shows low shedding. 
  • 34% of people said that their Doberman witnessed moderate shedding. 
  • 9% of Doberman’s owners confessed their dogs do not shed. 

Hence, the Dobermans shed less or no as compared with other dog breeds.

Why Dobermans Shed Excessively Sometimes? 

The reasons for Doberman shedding may vary depending on various conditions. 

Let’s dive in and find out the most common reasons for Doberman shedding. 

1- Stress 

A Doberman’s unusual and excessive shedding can be a sign of stress. The stress in dogs comes from various incentives, like:

  • Alteration of routine
  • Absence of favorite person
  • Moving to a new place  
  • Lack of physical activities 

These factors can lead to stress in dogs. When a dog is stressed, changes in behavior and excessive shedding have been noticed. The stressed dog may quit consuming and performing normal physical workouts. 

If your Doberman shows unusual shedding, consult your veterinarian and spend more time with them. 

2- Doberman’s Diet 

The change in diet may lead to shedding in your dog. Your Dobie needs a diet that contains all the essential nutrients and fatty acids for your pet’s healthy skin and coat maintenance. Hence, a poor diet can be the reason behind Doberman shedding excessively. Likewise, any food allergy can also become a reason to make your Doberman shed. 

It would be best always to choose good quality food for your pet and consult your vet if your dog reacts to diet. 

3- Shampoos 

The shampoos with harsh chemicals can also cause your Pinschers to shed. These chemicals may rinse all the natural oils from Doberman’s hair coat and lead to dryness, hair splitting, and consequent shedding. 

When you see shedding or dry and irritated skin in your dog, treat it immediately. If the shedding remains untreated for a long time, it’ll cause alopecia in your Dobie. It would help if you used organic shampoos for bathing your dog.  

4- Skin Conditions

Different dog skin conditions play a significant role in Doberman’s shedding. It can be skin allergies. The most widespread skin disease in dogs is Sarcoptic Mange. Your dog may face a complete hair loss because of self itching. 

When you see these types of changes in your dog’s coat, see a vet immediately. Proper grooming and the use of a good quality organic shampoo may also help your dog to get rid of Mange and other allergies. 

5- Pregnancy

If your female Dobie is pregnant, it may show mild to moderate shedding of dead hair. In such a case, you need not worry at all.

It may be because of hormonal changes or calcium and other minerals deficiency. Therefore, this sort of shedding is standard for pregnant Dobies. 

It would be helpful if you took care of your pregnant Doberman by providing them with a good diet instead of becoming anxious because of excessive shedding and try to manage it tropically or through grooming. 

6- Insufficient Grooming

All breeds of dogs need a significant amount of grooming. The Doberman pinschers have a single coat of hair, but they also need grooming. 

It would be best to brush your Dobie several times a week, which leads to blood circulation and the most benign growth of hairs. But if you do not take care of your pet’s grooming, it’ll start shedding its whole hair coat. 

7- Hereditary Disposition

In some circumstances, despite giving your Dobie a good diet and taking care of their proper grooming, they keep shedding their smooth coat. This shedding may be because of hereditary disposition. In this condition, the dog is usually affected from childhood. 

The genetic nature may also depend on the Dobies’s parents. If the dog’s parents have significant temperament problems, it’s more likely to develop in the infant dog. 

How can you Stop Dobermans Excessive Shedding? 

When your pet shows unusual shedding for a long time, take a step to stop them from shedding. You are not supposed to ignore the shedding in your pet. Various dog owners have declared many ways to stop shedding in dogs. 

Hence, let’s explore the most trustworthy ideas to control easing in your pet. 

1- Brushing 

The easiest and essential step to control shedding in your dog is brushing. Because of the Doberman’s short hair, it can be easy for you to brush your pet’s coat. Some owners do not brush their Dobies regularly and then complain that their Doberman is shedding. 

It is mandatory to brush your dog once or twice a week to avoid unusual shedding. Regular brushing can increase blood circulation and spread organic oils over your pet’s skin. 

2- Bathing 

Bathing is a second crucial step that helps you to stop shedding. The bathing routine will remove all the dead skin from the dog’s body. Bathing will regulate the body temperature, making your Dobie more active and healthier. 

While bathing your dog, it is compulsory to use organic products like shampoos and body washes because highly chemical products will remove all the natural oils from your pet’s skin and increase the rate of hair loss.

Bathing your Doberman once a month will be enough. 

3- Diet

While having a pet, diet is the major factor that should not be ignored. A Dobie needs a nutrition-rich diet that keeps them active and healthy. It would be best if you gave your dog a diet that contains Omega-3 fatty acids. You can also use natural supplements like olive oil and fish oil to improve your dog’s overall health which will also affect the dog’s coat.

You can also share your homemade dog food. Fatty acids can make your pet’s skin fresh and healthier. It will help your dog to grow a healthy coat. 

These fatty acids make hairs strong, which will control the excessive shedding in your Doberman. 

4- Shampoos

Shampoos play a significant role in maintaining Dobie’s shedding. The marts are flooded with various dogs’ shampoos, but you should choose a considerable shampoo that suits your Doberman’s skin. Dobies are famous for having sensitive skin. 

If you use chemical-rich shampoo, it’ll have harsh effects on your pet’s skin and lead to abnormal hair loss. Hence, it would help if you used shampoos made up of natural ingredients. 

You can also purchase shampoos like oatmeal shampoo or “Shampoo for dry skin.” It will control the shedding and also do not disturb the pH value. 

5- Supplements

When your dog shows continuous shedding even after usual bathing and brushing, consult with your veterinarian. You can also start supplements to control shedding habits by informing the vet. 

The dog shedding can be ceased by using various accessories, but the most effective are Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 supplements can control the shedding by nourishing the skin and strengthening the hair. 

It can also fulfill the lack of nutrients in Doberman’s body. 

6- Exercise

In some conditions, when your dog is lying all day and doing nothing may also lead to shedding. Exercise and other physical activities can help your pet overcome shedding. 

Adequate training can increase the blood flow in the whole body. The stable blood flow will balance the disturbed blood circulation, further controlling the unusual shedding. 

How should you Groom your Doberman to Prevent Shedding?

Grooming is one of the best tips in reducing shedding in Doberman. You can groom your dog by yourself or hire a professional to groom your dog effectively. For grooming, you need substantial tools. 

You should know the use of tools, or go for a professional who knows the grooming process more than you. 

The grooming equipment consists of; 

  • Stiff bristle brush 
  • Comb
  • A dull blade knife
  • A mat

And may the other equipment be brought by your professional. 

How to Groom your Doberman? 

Grooming is not just cutting off the extra hairs; it is a whole process in which you remove excess inches of dead skin. The grooming completely depends on a stripping process. The stripping process consists of the following steps; 

  1. You can commence the grooming by brushing the coat of the Doberman, starting from the head and moving towards the tail. If your dog is uncomfortable, you can cease the procedure for a while and relax your dog first. You can also leave the sensitive parts to do it in the end. 
  2. After brushing, move your Dobie on the mat to cut their hair. You’ll start from the dog’s sides and continue to the neck. 
  3. While moving downwards, you can shave the hairs from the chest and back with the dull blade knife. The chest and back may contain more hairs as compared to the face. You may need a sharp blade for this. 
  4. In the end, cut off all their hair from the legs and then move to the tail. The dog may become nervous when you touch their bottom, so try to interact with your dog while doing this. Therefore, you may not hurt your pet unintentionally. 
  5. The final step for grooming is when you’re done with brushing and cutting; you have to look at your Dobie from all angles. If you find any hairs left, pluck the excessive hair. 

Whether you’re professional or not, you should do the grooming by pursuing all the steps in sequence. 

Advantages of Grooming: 

Grooming is a very beneficial process for all dog breeds. The benefits of grooming are as follows; 

  • Grooming will provide your Dobie with a new personality that also reflects your sense of responsibility and care as a parent.
  • It’ll help your dog to grow fresh and soft hair coats. 

FAQs about Doberman Pinschers Shedding

How much does Doberman Pinscher shed?

Doberman contain a single coat of hair instead of a double coat; that’s why they shed consistently around the year, but less noticeable. Therefore, they’re intermediate-to- low shedders. 

Are Dobermans Hypoallergenic? 

Doberman’s breed is not exactly hypoallergenic. And if you’re allergic to dogs, it can be your best choice. 

You cannot find a completely hypoallergenic dog, but a Doberman dog sheds the least amount of hair and remains clean if you groom them regularly. Therefore, you can keep a Dobie without bothering about allergies. 

Do Dobermans Shed? Final Verdict 

Now you have a detailed guide to keeping a Doberman Pinscher as your beloved pet without worrying a lot about “do Doberman shed?.” The reason is, they don’t shed much. However, you can only spot Doberman dogs’ shed hair because of their color. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.