Do Jack Russell Terrier Shed? Yes, But Here is what to do!

It's about the Jack Russell Terriers shedding that shows a lot of hair shed by jack russell

Are you curious to know, “do Jack Russell Terrier shed?” Probably the cute Russell’s pup has won your heart, and you’re thinking of bringing them home. Don’t worry. We’ll help you learn about shedding in this article.

You may have heard common myths that Jack Russell Terriers don’t shed. But, it’s a deception, maybe because of their short white hair. 

Just spare 5 minutes to read this well-researched article. Soon, you’ll make your best decision. Here we come. 


Jack Russell Terrier Shedding according to Coat Colors

Shedding is a beneficial process for dogs to maintain a healthy coat because when dead hair sheds, new hair replaces them. Many people think maybe shedding is related to coat colors. 

But it’s not true. Jack Russells are found in three color variations, and all the coo:

  • White 
  • Black & White
  • White & Tan 

All the coats shed. The misconception that only dark hairs are shed is because they’re easy to spot. 

The white coat of Jack Russell shed too. Yet, you can only see their hair on dark surfaces.

The only difference you can make between Jack Russell Terrier’s shedding variation is that the smooth-coated jack Russell shed more than the rough ones. The Jack Russell shedding process also depends on season changes.

Jack Russell Shedding Levels According to Coat Types

The Jack Russell Terriers have three types of dog coats. 

  • A smooth coat is a dense coat closely attached to a Russell terrier’s skin. This dog’s coat should be soft, but it also feels rough and wiry while touching. 
  • A broken coat also contains a smooth layer under it. This coat may vary in appearance, but it feels similar in touch. 
  • A rough coat is a coat type that contains long wiry hairs. These are also rough in touch. 

Understanding these coats helps you know better about hair shedding in Jack Russell Terrier.

Reasons Why Jack Russell Shed More

Before performing anything, it’s compulsory to find out the reason behind Russell’s shedding. There are a lot of factors that lead to shedding in your Jack Russell breed. Some of the most common reasons are; 

Seasonal Changes Affect Shedding Levels in Jacks

“Do Jack Russells shed a lot?” It’s a common question that Jack Russell’s owners are often asked. The shedding of Jack Russell depends on season change. 

Jack Russell Terriers shed a lot of hair to prepare themselves for summer in the spring. After shedding, they grow a thin layer of coat, which helps them maintain their body temperature. 

Likewise, Russells also shed their thin coats before winter’s arrival. They’ll grow a thick layer of hairs that helps them cope with the cold in winter. 

Genetics Play a Role in Shedding.

Shedding is a natural process for your dog. It’s in a dog’s genes that they shed their hair after a significant interval of time. This normal shedding can prevent the dog from experiencing various chronic disorders. 

The dogs may also start shedding their hair because of some hereditary diseases. For instance; Hereditary Ataxia in a Jack Russell attacks the whole nervous system of the dog. This disorder can bring many abnormalities, like excessive shedding, annoying behavior, etc.

Malnutrition Can Be a Root of Excessive Shedding

The most common reason for shedding in dogs is the dog’s diet and malnutrition. According to many pieces of research, minerals and vitamin deficiencies lead the Jack Russell terrier to excessive shedding.

The reason is, Jack Russell wants a particular amount of meat in his diet to keep them healthy. So, when you have a pet like Jack Russel, it’s your responsibility to watch everything your pet eats. 

You should notice all the changes when you give your Russell food, especially the new or cheaper one. If the food doesn’t suit Jack Russell, it’ll lead to abnormalities like heavy shedding. 

Call the vet if you see heavy shedding in the dog. 

Frequent Bathing Can Do More Harm than Good.

Frequent bathing can also lead a Jack Russell Terrier to unusual shedding. After bathing, the dogs may look more clean and adorable, but it makes their hair weaker. It removes the essential oils from the dog’s body. 

Because of dryness, the Jack Russell began shedding their hairs.

How can you Stop the Jack Russell from Shedding? 

No one wants their home flooded with the loose fur of dogs. You also want your home clean like crystal while having a dog. There are various ways to stop shedding in Russells. So, let’s dive in and find out the finest ways to deal with dog’s shedding.

Accept it

The first thing you keep in mind while having a Jack Russell as a family companion is that you have to accept “Yes! Russell Terrier shed.” It’ll be easy for you to make a beautiful bond with the dog when you accept this reality. 

Russell’s shedding may prove annoying if you keep believing in myths like terriers don’t shed. Therefore, it’s okay to accept Russell Terriers, as they can be the best comrades for you. 

Brush your Jack Russell

Brushing Jack Russell terrier once a week is compulsory. Brushes vary according to the coats of dogs. It’s important to use a particular brush for your Jack Russell Terrier. 

There is a vast variety of brushes used by many dog owners. But there are only two brushes that proved to be best for your dog.

  1. Many dog owners recommend the Furminator. It’s best for Jack Russell’s double coat. It’ll go deep down the coat and brush Russell’s hair accurately. But this brush may be sharp for you to handle. 
  2. Stiff bristled dog brush is the 2nd option for you if the furminator is not suitable for Jack Russell. When Russell is young and sensitive, a bristle brush is the best choice for you. 

Set a Proper Bathing Routine for your Jack Russell

Bathing varies according to your dog’s playing routine. If Russell plays more outdoors, it’ll become dirty. Therefore, you may give a bath to your Russell to keep it clean.

Bathing your dog repeatedly can be adverse to your Russell’s coat. The skin condition may become worse. So, Russell should take a bath only once a month. 

The Jack Russell Terriers have many natural oils to protect their skin. Continuous bathing can also remove oils from your dog’s skin. Thus, the removal of oils and fats can cause excessive shedding in Russells. 

That is why only moderate bathing is good for a Jack Russell terrier.

Pick Right Shampoos for Jack Russell 

Change the dog’s shampoo when you see that your Jack Russell is heading towards unusual shedding. Pet stores are flooded with shedding reduction shampoos. Before buying shampoo, it’s crucial to check that the dog is not allergic to the ingredients. 

Oil and fats containing shampoos will help your dog cope with dry skin and shedding. But the excessive use of shedding-reduction shampoos may show hazardous effects on the dog’s skin. Therefore, before using any product, please consult with the vet about whether to use it. 

Never use a human’s shampoo on a dog because it proves to be harsher on their skin. The oat-meal shampoos are also beneficial for dogs. 

These shampoos are made of natural ingredients, so they do not cause any allergic reactions. A few most recommended shampoos are;

These shampoos can reduce the shedding level of your dogs. 

Provide High-quality diet

Food plays a specific role in living organisms, whether humans or animals. A balanced diet always has wonderful effects on a dog’s skin, hair, health, etc. 

The bad quality food may also lead to shedding in the dogs. When you buy new food for your pet, it may not suit the dog’s stomach. 

The shedding because of food may include poor nutrition, allergic reactions, acidity, and maybe some digestive issues. When you see that food is not suiting your dog, stop it. 

Add fish oil and olive oil to your dog’s food to make its skin moisturized and healthy. Always try to bring high-quality food for your dog.

Provide your Jack Russell with Enough Moisture

To prevent your dog from unusual shedding, it’s important to avoid them from getting skin dryness. When the dog has not moisturized appropriately, it may start shedding. 

Try to provide moisture to your dog through a moist diet, freshwater, etc. The following nutritions can add moisture to Russell’s skin;

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Cantaloupe
  • Lean meat 

Fatty Acid Supplements can Help a lot.

Sometimes, the Russell terriers become so weak that their bodies can’t cope with shedding on their own. In such cases, the vet recommends giving fatty acid supplements to your dog. It can also treat irritated skin. 

Allergy and Flea Control 

In some conditions, Jack Russell got allergic to fleas. The Russells start scratching, which leads them towards shedding. Pay attention to the veterinary advice to treat your Russell. 

Keep an eye on each dog’s activity to ensure that the terrier gets relief from allergies. 

Grooming is Essential

Grooming is a significant factor in lessening shedding in Jack Russell. Regular grooming can reduce the shedding level from moderate to zero. Grooming includes bathing, trimming, brushing, and many other steps. 

Various grooming appliances can help you groom the dog and reduce the shedding rate. There are the following terms that may occur while grooming a Jack Russell Terrier;

  • Why groom your dog? 

Jack Russell dogs shed their hair depending on various factors. Because of constant shedding, most dog breeds may lose fur. Many dog owners claim that grooming is crucial for a dog. 

Mostly rough-coated and broken coat dogs are groomed because of the following reasons;

  • Comfort
  • Appearance
  • For healthy growth of dog hair

Grooming is not a repeating procedure; Jack Russell is groomed only two times a year. It’ll prevent Jack Russell from shedding. 

How should you Groom Jack Russell Terrier to Prevent Excessive Shedding?

The proud owner may not agree to cut Russell’s hair to reduce shedding. Because simply cutting off the rough and white hairs may remain in most dogs. You can groom your dog to minimize shedding; you should follow these steps:

  • Separate the longer straight hair of Russells into smaller sections and then groom by plucking and pulling white or damaged hairs. 
  • While grooming, do not sit silently in front of your dog. Because the small dogs may run and do not let you pluck their hairs. 

Stripping Process

The stripping process can reduce the excess shedding in Russell’s breed. It includes the following steps; 

Grooming Equipment

There are no specific types of equipment to groom your dogs. The basic tools that are used to reduce shedding are;

  • Right Brush
  • Serrated knife with a dull blade
  • Grooming table (Optional)
  • Mat

Evaluate your dog’s coat

It’s compulsory to assess Russell’s breed before commencing grooming. If your dog is not ready to groom, you should not force them to sit in front of you. 

Where to begin?

Whether You’re experienced, it’s compulsory to do every step in the sequence. 

1- Brush the whole dog before you start. 

2- Start from the head and then move to the body. 

3- Leave the sensitive areas to do in the end. 

4- If a dog becomes nervous about a specific part, leave that area and go somewhere else. 

5- To clean Russell’s face, grasp the hairs between your fingers and thumb and stretch in the direction of hair growth. 

The Sides

When doing everything by yourself, try to keep both sides equal. You can only remove the unwanted hairs from your pet’s face. The clean look of your dog proves everything is going alright.

The Neck

While doing the neck region, keep the skin tight. You can begin from the back of the neck and move towards the front. In the small parts of the neck, stretch the skin tightly and then pluck the hairs that want to be removed.

The Chest

Brush the hairs with a stiff-bristle dog brush away from the direction of growth. Then pluck the rough coat from the chest instead of cutting all the hairs. 

Legs and Back

Some Jack Russell owners trim their dog’s hair with scissors. But it’ll affect the growth of the smooth coat. So, take your time, brush the hairs adequately and pluck the rough hairs. 

The long hairs of Russells become dirty and may bother you while plucking. Therefore, use a dull knife gently to avoid any cuts and injury. 

If You’re not experienced, you can ask someone to hold your dog while plucking hairs from sensitive parts like nipples. 

The Tail

You can use scissors for doing tail hairs. The tail hairs are quite long so that they can be easily trimmed with the help of scissors. 

Final step

When you’re done with plucking and trimming all the excessive hairs, look at your dog from all angles. If you find some unwanted hairs remaining, pluck the hairs and clean your pet. 


Is Jack Russells Hypoallergenic? 

Many rumors declare Jack Russells are hypoallergenic dog breeds. But it’s not true. Jack Russell Terriers are not hypoallergenic. This dog breed is proven to be the best companion for your family. 

Jack Russell has a moderate shedding level. So, these dogs are recommended for those sensitive to allergies. 

Does a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier shed?

The Russell has a short coat that sheds more hair than a long-haired terrier. Because Russell has shorter hairs has a short cycle of growth. If you keep a long-haired Jack Russell, it’ll show a very moderate shedding rate. 

They say that Jack Russell Terrier don’t shed, is that true?

There’s a myth that Jack Russell terriers do not shed. But in reality, according to the Jack Russell Terrier Club, Russells shed. A healthy dog can be a minimal shedding breed to the high, depending on their hair’s coat length.

Is a Jack Russell a good house pet?

A Jack Russell Terrier is a tremendous companion for your dog. Even if you live in an apartment, it’s the best choice for you. The Russells love to play and spend time with their owners.

Do Jack Russell Terrier Shed a Lot? Final Thoughts

Now you have a complete guide to keeping a Jack Russell Terrier as your favorite pup without thinking a lot about, “do Jack Russell Terrier shed?” They do, but it’s manageable through adopting healthy routines and picking the right dog food.

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