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The Love of a Dog

My name is Derek Collinson and I founded this, the world’s first dog lovers dating site in 2006 when I realised from my own dating experiences that only other dog lovers really understood the love of a dog and it was important for them to be able to share that passion with the person they loved. Since 2006 Doglover.biz has been featured on TV and on local radio all over the world as its reputation as the leading dog lovers dating site spread.

Meet other dog lovers like you

Most people believe that sharing your life with someone who shares the things you are passionate about is the best basis for a successful relationship. If you are passionate about dogs and meeting others like you is really important then Doglover.biz, the world’s first dog lovers dating site, is the best place to find them. Doglover.biz brings together thousands of dog lovers from all over the world for which the love of a dog is an important part of their lives. Doglover.biz is dedicated to enabling dog lovers to establish positive relationships based on a shared passion for dogs. Why bother with any of the other dating sites when we have what you are looking for here – warm hearted, loving single men and women who want to get to know others with the same passion-the love of a dog!

View dog lovers profiles absolutely free

Finding other dog lovers you are most likely to be compatible with is simple with Doglover.biz. Providing a few details about yourself takes seconds and enables other dog lovers to contact you. Your personal details such as your email address or phone number are never revealed to anyone in line with our Privacy Policy. Once you have registered you will be able to take a look at the profiles, videos and photos of thousands of dog lovers absolutely free, and then find those who are your ideal match by using our advanced search.

Help dog lovers you really like to find you

To begin with why not help other dog lovers looking for someone just like you to find you by completing your profile. By describing the type of person you are and the person you are looking for we can suggest members who most closely fit your description. Research shows that members who add a picture of themselves receive twenty times more contacts than those that don’t so why not add a picture of yourself or you and your dog to really get noticed. You might also like to consider uploading a video clip of you and your dog – just think of how cute that would be and the extra attention you would get from all those dog lovers who are already members of Doglover.biz and for whom the love of a dog is an essential part of their lives!

Get to know new people easily

After completing your profile, you can look at other members’ profiles and view their videos and photos. You can also search specifically for the type of people you like using the Doglover.biz search tool and when you find someone you like you can contact them by whichever means suits you best and with which you feel most comfortable. As a subscriber you can make contact by email, chat and video chat – it’s entirely up to you which of these three means of communication you use. You may even choose to use all three! You can also use the Guestbook to share your thoughts and ideas with others and make comments on theirs. The Guestbook can help you get to know someone and help them to get to know you better.

Contact people safely and privately

As a subscriber to Doglover.biz we will provide you with your own dedicated email inbox. This means you can chat safely and privately, only giving out personal information if and when you’re ready. You can also block people from contacting you should they become a nuisance. In addition our anti-scammer system stops spammers and scammers before they get to you leaving you free to enjoy your dating experience with us.

Meeting someone for a coffee

So you’ve exchanged emails and probably had a few telephone conversations with someone you like and now it’s time to find out more about them by arranging a date but where and when and for how long? The first meeting can be quite exciting and at the same time a little bit daunting especially if you haven’t been out with someone new for a long time. For this reason you may wish to arrange a lunchtime meeting in for example a public place such as a cafe making it clear to the other person before the meeting that you only have half an hour for your lunch break. This is usually sufficient time for each party to decide if they would like to arrange a second meeting.

Start looking for someone new today

In a recent poll conducted by Doglover.biz 99% of dog lovers said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t share their passion-the love of a dog! Our new partnership with one of the biggest dating networks in the world means you won’t have to. Now many thousands more attractive dog lovers from all over the world are waiting to greet you so that special someone who’s just right for you may be closer than you think. Why settle for less? Join Doglover.biz today and share your passion with the thousands of dog lovers who have already joined.