Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Drool – Causes & Tips

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Do you want to know, “Do Bernese mountain dogs drool?” the chances are, Bernese Mountain dog has won your heart as a family dog with its good nature, but the concern about its drooling keeps you worried.

We understand your it. The very thought about the Bernese mountain dog’s drooling might keep you from bringing our favorite dog home. And now you need an answer.

The answer is, “yes, the Bernese Mountain dogs drool.” BUT many Bernese Mountain Dogs drool very little, but those with loose jowls can drool quite a bit. 

Heave a sigh of relief because you don’t have to worry about anything. This guide is exactly what you’re looking for below; we’ll share a complete guide about the Bernese dog’s drooling issue and give answers to these questions: 

  • Is drooling normal for Bernese dogs?
  • Why do Bernese dogs drool so much?
  • Is drooling a medical issue?
  • How can you treat the excessive drooling problem of Bernese dogs? 


Is Drooling Normal for Bernese Dogs? 

Bernese was a general-purpose farm dog employed as a watchdog, property guard, and carting dog. But since then they have been recognized as family dogs for their friendly and cooperative behavior, the questions have been raised about their drooling, just like their short life span. 

Drooling refers to the situation when the excessive flow of saliva accumulates in the mouth and someone drools. Usually, people think that only humans deal with this issue, but that’s not the case. Dog’s also face this issue, and drooling is normal not only for one dog breed like Bernese but also for other breeds as well. 

In short, drooling is natural, and there are reasons behind it. For instance, Bloodhound has this issue because they have an extra layer of skin around their lips. Therefore their saliva amasses there, and they drool. 

Similarly, if your Bernese dog has loose lips, drooling is normal. And be ready because Bernese dogs also drool after consuming food. Another reason why drooling is normal for Bernese dogs is that dogs always show their emotions. They can’t talk, but you can see how they feel through their body actions. 

Like Bernese, dogs drool when they see something they really like. Some Bernese dogs also drool when they deal with anxiety or stress issues. However, you should remember that even though it is expected, excessiveness of anything is not good, whether it is drooling or any other thing. 

Excessive drooling is a symptom of something wrong with your Bernese dog. For your ease, we’re sharing the answer of how much drooling is normal and what can be the causes of drooling.  

How Much Drooling is Normal for Bernese Dogs? 

The first thing you might be worried about is the question, “How much drooling is normal for Bernese dogs?” right. Don’t think a lot because here’s the answer. 

As mentioned, drooling is normal, especially if you’ve Bernese dogs. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no problem if your Bernese dog drools a lot. So it is crucial to understand how much drooling is acceptable and when it is dangerous. 

There are two types of drooling, the first one is normal drooling, and the second one is abnormal drooling. 

  • For example, if you have a Bernese dog who is healthy or active and only drools once in a rush after some time, then it is entirely normal. 
  • On the other hand, if your Bernese dog accumulates saliva in its mouth like any other dog but constantly drools, then it is a problem. This type of drooling is called abnormal drooling, and you should think about the treatment. 

Why Do Bernese Dogs Drool So Much – Eight Causes 

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Keep in mind that there’s no specific reason why a Bernese dog drools. Instead, several reasons create this drooling problem. The Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to certain hereditary conditions; diseases common to this breed include Cancer, Hip and elbow dysplasia, and Eye diseases. It is essential for a Bernese dog owner to understand all of these causes. Otherwise, getting rid of excessive drooling problems is utterly impossible without understanding the primary reason. 

  • Mouth Issues and Diseases

Oral health issues are important. We all have heard about it in our life, but do you know it is also essential for your Bernese mountain dogs? If you’re surprised because you never think about your dog’s oral health, you’re making a terrible mistake. 

Mouth diseases or issues like Tooth Decay, Gingivitis, Mouth ulcer, plaque problem, cut, or injuries are some issues that can cause excessive drooling problems in Bernese mountain dogs. 

  • Anxiety or Phobias

Just like mouth issues, dogs also deal with anxiety. As I mentioned, dogs are living creatures like us; they have needs, likes, and dislikes. Some dogs are afraid of thunder or firecrackers, and they behave strangely or sometimes aggressively see these things. 

Thunder or firecrackers are only two examples, the things that your Bernese mountain dog dislikes can be different. So if your Bernese dog drools or gets nervous and sad but only in a specific situation, the reason might be anxiety and phobia. 

  • Diseases

Organ issues are another leading cause of why dogs drool. It’s about the physical health problems of your Bernese dog. If you have an adult dog and he’s getting older, then the chances of diseases and other different illnesses are high. 

You can check whether your dog only drools or also has diseases like diarrhea, mouth diseases, urine problems, or weakness in the body. If you think that your Bernese dog has symptoms of the diseases I mentioned before, then book an appointment with a veterinarian. 

  • Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can worsen any human condition only in a few hours; the same goes for dogs. If you’re noticing that your dog doesn’t eat food or eat less, the reason might be stomach aches. Eating a lot or eating less can create problems for dogs, and the only way you can understand your dog’s condition is by noticing their actions. 

If your Bernese dog drools a lot and has diarrhea or vomiting symptoms, it may be because of stomach pain. So make sure that your dog follows a proper diet, and 

  • Consuming Toxic Substance

Toxic substance doesn’t always mean something that can kill; it also refers to the things that can cause pain. For example, sometimes dogs eat unhealthy and toxic plants, food, or other animals outside. 

Afterward, they feel pain or get seriously ill, and drooling is one of the most common symptoms that you can see in your dog when they consume toxic food. 

  • Heat Stroke

Another reason your Bernese mountain dog is drooling might be the hot season and heat stroke. In summer, heatstroke creates many problems every year for humans and animals. Bernese dogs are also affected by heatstroke when they play outside without drinking water for a specific time. 

If your dog doesn’t drool excessively but only in the hot days of summer, the reason might be heatstroke. Therefore, keep him at home in the daytime and save him from sun exposure. 

  • Upper Respiratory System

If the upper respiratory system of your Bernese dog is not working fine and has an infection, then be ready for drooling. So make sure to check the symptoms of infection that can be fever, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, or dehydration. 

If your Bernese mountain dog has the symptoms we mentioned and is excessively drooling, go to the veterinarian for the proper treatment. 

  • Rabies

Rabies is a dangerous virus, and none of us, whether humans or animals like Bernese dogs, are safe from it. Rabies attacks the brain and spinal cord; even though it is treatable, it is dangerous if you don’t take care of it in the early stages. 

It is not common in some countries like the United States because of proper vaccination. However, if you’re living anywhere else, and your Bernese dog is showing odd behavior, has a fever, excessive drooling issues, then consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Is Drooling a Medical Issue?

After reading about all the causes of excessive drooling in Bernese mountain dogs, this question might be ringing the bell to your mind:

Is drooling a medical issue?

Drooling is a medical issue or not; it depends on the causes and symptoms. If the dog is drooling normally like any other pet or drools after some time at once in a rush, then relax; it’s not a medical issue. You don’t need a veterinarian if it is normal drooling, but regular checkups are good for dogs’ health. 

On the other hand, consult with a veterinarian if the dog is showing symptoms we shared above, like fever, runny nose, seizure, etc., along with excessive drooling. 

Moreover, make sure to identify the symptoms appropriately. Otherwise, you’ll not get an accurate answer. Later on, if you think it’s a medical condition, then an appointment with a veterinarian is the best choice. In non-medical conditions, you can follow the following tips. 

Tips to Treat Bernese Dogs Excessive Drooling Issue 

Remember that we’re not recommending you solely, depending on the tips. If the condition of your Bernese dog is severe, then the only person who can help you is the veterinarian. However, if your dog is completely fine and only has a drooling issue, then feel free to follow these tips. These tips will help you in treating Bernese dogs’ excessive drooling problems. 

  • Take Care of your Bernese Mountain Dog’s Oral Health 

Your Bernese Mountain dog’s oral health is crucial and might be the reason for drooling. Clean your dog teeth with a dental treat; dog chews, both of these things are beneficial for the dog’s mouth. Otherwise, you can also visit a professional clinic for the teeth cleaning process. 

  • Be Friendly with your Big Pup

Almost all of us know how anxiety or fear can affect health. Both of these things can make anyone’s mental and physical condition worse. It doesn’t matter if it is a Bernese dog or anyone else. 

You can make your dog more comfortable with your attitude and actions. And make sure that you’re not forcing the Bernese dog to do anything against the will. Your attitude will help the dog in dealing with anxiety and stress. 

  • Let your Bernese Mountain Dog not Eat Anything Toxic

If you’re a dog owner, it means you’re responsible for his health. Wherever you go outside with your Bernese dog for a walk or anything else. Keep your eyes on the dog activity. Stop him if he tries to eat any plants or insects; this will protect your dog from the toxic substance. 

  • Ensure Timely Feeding of your Bernese Mountain Dog

Don’t go outside, stay at the house during the daytime with your Bernese mountain dog. If you’ve to go somewhere urgently, it is important to ensure that you’re taking enough water and food to protect the dog from heatstroke. 

  • Proper Hygiene is Essential

Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands when you come home, then touch your Bernese dog. Similarly, ensure that your dog’s hygiene is excellent, including your house, dog’s essentials, and every family member who shares a close connection with your dog.

And, visit the veterinarian after some time for a regular checkup for the sake of your dog’s safety, and try your best to keep him happy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Drool? 

There’s no specific reason why Bernese dogs drool; there are many other dogs who also drool. The reason is behind the loose lips, big jowl, massive heads, or extra skin around the lips where the saliva of dogs gathers. Then after some time, Bernese dogs drool at once in a rush and spit out all saliva. 

  • Does drooling mean your Bernese dog is in pain?

If your Bernese dog is drooling, it doesn’t always signify that the dog is in pain. Sometimes dogs drool just because they like something and show their excitement. So if your Bernese dog is behaving strangely, aggressively, and has a fever or any other illness along with drooling, then he might be in pain. Otherwise, drooling doesn’t mean your Bernese dog is in pain. 

  • What can you do when Bernese Mountain Dog drools?

The first thing you should do when your Bernese dog drools is to identify the cause. If the dog is drooling and it signifies happiness, you don’t have to do anything. In other situations, when you think your dog is in pain, consult with the vet as soon as feasible. 

  • How can you treat Bernese dogs’ drooling problem? 

You can’t treat the drooling problem entirely because it is natural, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, if you think it is excessive drooling, then first go to the vet for a proper checkup, and give the prescribed medicine to the dog. Aside from providing medication, you can also follow the tips we’ve shared above. 


Bernese mountain dogs are one of the best dog breeds; they are friendly and loyal like any other dog. The only problem people face is drooling, but you should understand that it is natural. And if it is normal, you should not worry about it or do anything. 

However, if you think that the drooling is excessive in your Bernese mountain dog, then advice from experts and veterinarians is a good option. 

We hope you’ve understood the whole topic and got all the answers to the questions. And also, remember that you can always ask a question about the topic in the comment section. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.